Pastor Terry’s  Turning Oy to Joy Lockdown Challenge

As we are locked down, we have an opportunity in front of us.

An opportunity to become bitter.  Or Better.
I’m choosing better.  I hope you’ll choose better too.   We can GROW through this time with Four Key Practices.

Here’s my Challenge :for the next 28 days

Body: do something each day to become physically healthier: walk, sleep well, eat better…

Mind: turn the tv and internet off or use it less. Read, learn, listen and do something worthwhile

Soul: connect deeply daily with God in prayer, His Word, and worship!  Share a verse or thought with the Church!

Others: connect to bless at least one person each day: email, text, write…


We are always better when someone is watching. 

We benefit from accountability AND support.

So, starting December 26, for the next 28 days of lockdown, feel free to post what you did in the 4 Key practices:

For example:  December 26 2020

Terry C

Body:  went for a ½ hour walk

Mind:  read a chapter of a book

Soul:  spent time with God in the book of Matthew

Others:  sent an encouraging email
 TO accept this challenge, please do two things:
1)  Send me an email that simply says, “I’m in”  Then, I can pray for you and encourage you through this challenge
2)  Post your progress, daily if possible,  in the comments section below!

6 Responses to “Oy to Joy Challenge”

  1. mary hietala says:

    I’m In. Great idea!

  2. mary hietala says:

    Body – Started healthy diet Plan
    Mind – Listened to a Dr. Stanley Sermon
    Soul – Shared Bible Verse Luke 6:38 – regarding giving to God and others
    Other – e-mailed friend a link to a Christian singerand his songs

  3. Terry says:

    Body: great treadmill walk!
    Mind: listened to a sermon by TOny Evans
    Soul: thinking about Jesus’ heart: MAtt 11:29 Gentle and lowly in heart.
    Other: sent out some thank you cards

  4. mary hietala says:

    Body: Cooked a healthy meal- no sweeties
    Mind: listened to Dr. Stanley Sermon
    Soul: Discussed at work with 3 other co-workers” God giving us encouragement through His Word” It was so heartwarming .
    Other: Prayed with our Prayer warriors, within my heart

  5. G says:

    Walked the dog(s)
    Read for 1/2 hour
    Listened to the Bible
    Sent encouraging emails

  6. Gary says:

    Last five days, walked off 900 calories
    Read for at least 1/2 hour each day
    Read/listened to the Bible
    Sent emails/texts and received some kind responses. Passed along some encouraging words from a missionary friend.

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