Our Online services continue, Sunday mornings, 9am with live online chat at 8:40am.

 In addition to our online services, we are resuming in person worship services on Sundays at 9 am at the Salvation Army Church Building, 33 Diana Ave., in West Brant.


**Please pre-register by Noon on Friday’s with Ralph and Sonja Merritt:   Friday     rs_merritt@wycliffe.ca  or 519-900-6724 

*If you are interested in attending, but feeling a little tentative and think that maybe a seat near the back may make you feel more comfortable as you test the waters of larger group gatherings, let our Team know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

*Our Team will work hard to ensure a clean environment before, during, and after the service. 

*Please bring your own Bible and sermon notes.  At this point, there will not be wifi available.


On Arrival:

*The door from the Parking Lot will open at 8:45am. 

*Please remain seated upon arrival and throughout the service and keep all belongings with you.

*We request that all members of one household remain seated together until released by the ushers.

*Please practice all Ontario Covid regulations including physical distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitising (mask exemptions will be honoured). 


*The ushers will serve Communion Elements to each household grouping.



*Please proceed directly outside once released by the ushers.

 If you are unable or chose not to attend, please know a few things:

*You are loved, valued, honoured and respected.  We will strive to maintain and improve our online presence.  You matter!

*Unfortunately, we are unable to live stream this service, due to technical capabilities at this time.


Please worship from home:

*If you are feeling unwell, and may have covid symptoms

*If you have been out of the country in the past 14 days

*If you have been in contact with a confirmed or potential covid case in the past 14 days

Next steps:

For the future, if you would like to be part of the regathering team please contact Ralph and Sonja.