Benefits of Church:

1)  Church going is connected with better health:

2)  Church goers live longer:…-go-to-church.html

 3)  Church goers have lower risks of depression

 4)  Churches contribute positively in many ways to the community:  financially, socially, spiritually

 5)  Church goes are happier:

 6)  Church goers have stronger marriages:

 7)  Church goers have stronger families: 


 8)  Church attenders have a place to Belong

As soon as anyone gets serious about anything, they join a club.  Serious about health… join a gym.  Serious about recovery… join a 12 step group.  Serious about stamps… join a collecting group.  Serious about spirituality, discovering God, and growing in your faith… join a church!

 9)  Church attenders have a place to Believe:

We love wearing our favourite team’s jerseys’ to events… it makes us feel (and look like) we’re all on the same team.  A church family is that place in the community where we can believe… where there are other like minded people we can do life with.

10)  Church attenders have a place to Become.

Faith in God is a journey.  No one is perfect and no one arrives overnight.  A church family supports us on this Journey.